Hemp Commodity Industries


HCI was founded by scientists and business professionals dedicated to implementing hemp as a primary component of major industrial applications. As scientists, we understand the inherent strengths of the plant and its superiority over traditional products. As business professionals, we are motivated by the value those strengths bring to the products we use every day as consumers. 


We are a full-lifecycle company, having created the commercial need for each part of the plant, leaving nothing behind. No waste is the ancient approach, and HCI is preserving and reintroducing this method.  We are proliferating a new industry founded on an ancient crop, and HCI is leading the way in innovation. We are the future scientists, evangelists, and innovators of this industry. We are the future of hemp.


HCI has a national focus on growing their hemp crops launching in Maine, Maryland, Michigan and South Carolina.  As leading advocates for hemp adoption, HCI is also serving as a broker and distributor in partnership with large and small hemp producers. HCI is thoroughly invested in the hemp industry, we envision hemp products dramatically improving peoples lives globally, touching every aspect of modern life from improving the environment, to health and wellness, to nutrition and industrial uses. The future of hemp is limitless!

Our Team
Bill Keating,
Chief Executive Officer

Bill Keating is the Chief Executive Officer of Hemp Commodity Industries, LLC. Bill is also the CEO and  Founder of Waste Acquisition Group (WAG), a DC-based wasteservices firm focused on providing a high-quality waste services to municipal and commercial customers in the construction, entertainment, waste-water and waste industries. The current WAG portfolio is comprised of three core platforms: Hauling (Urban Service), Portable Sanitation (SaniJohn Services) and Recycling Services (Rapid Roll-Off). Bill is also a member of the RLJ Private Equity Executive Network and a member of the Board of Directors of RLJ Thompson Trucking, a portfolio company of RLJ Equity Partners, a $250mm private equity firm based in Bethesda, MD.


Until December 2016, Bill was also the President and COO of Bowie’s Inc., a DC-based waste collection firm that was sold to Envirosolutions Inc. in December 2016. Early in his career Bill worked as a Vice President at AmeriChoice Healthcare, where he assisted the ownership team in selling the company to United Healthcare in 2003. He has also worked in Investment Banking with the First Boston Corporation and the Blackstone Group. Bill is a graduate of Dartmouth College and earned his MBA from the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration.

Eric Mitchell MD, FACPE

Eric Ignatius Mitchell, MD, MA, FACPE, CPE, is President of Hemp Commodity Industries, LLC.  He is a former orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine doctor. He now specializes in pain management for PTSD and TBI.


He holds a master’s degree in international relations from Salve Regina University and is a graduate of The U.S. Army War College. The Colonel (ret.) commanded two combat support hospitals, and served globally as Inspector General for the DOD.


Dr. Mitchell completed his  medical training at the Perelman School of Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania.  This included a Fellowship in Orthopedic Research with multiple published articles in peer review journals.  He is a Fellow of the American College of Physician Executives. Dr. Mitchell was SVP of Medical Affairs at a local healthcare system in Philadelphia. His community service includes serving on several Boards of Directors.


Dr. Mitchell has traveled and lectured globally. He also contributes his medical expertise to local radio and television shows. He is also the author of Cannabis Sativa the Truth Be Told:  Good Research = Good Outcomes and The Flow of Life:  Keeping Your Dream Alive, which chronicles his life from childhood to adulthood.


As CEO of HCI, Dr. Mitchell is leading the medicinal and nutritional research division. HCI plans to partner with universities that are leading hemp and CBD research with a focus on disease prevention and treatment. 

Roy "Chip" Ellis,

Roy "Chip" Ellis is Chairman of Hemp Commodity Industries, LLC. Mr. Ellis is the Co-founder Ellis Development Group, and founder of Ellis Enterprises LLC, a real estate development services company. Ellis Enterprises, LLC, has worked in the Washington, DC. market on various commercial and residential real estate development projects including mixed use developments and historic restorations.  As a result of these efforts both companies, has created approximately one million square feet of residential and commercial space with an asset value over $400,000,000. 


Mr. Ellis is a firm believer that  hemp is one of the most exciting lifestyle products in the marketplace today. Industrial hemp and CBD offer compelling solutions and products throughout the consumer service industry including: nutritional, medicinal, environmental and industrial. Mr. Ellis is committed to being part of the new economic revolution of industrial hemp which will greatly surpass all revenue and market projections of the recreational and medicinal cannabis sister plant widely known as marijuana. 



Carmen S. Hayford-Mitchell,


Quality Assurance Officer

Carmen Hayford-Mitchell, RN, BSN, is the Quality Assurance Officer for Hemp Commodity Industries, LLC (HCI).  Carmen received her RN from Central Maine Medical Center School of Nursing and her BSN from the University of Southern Maine. She brings thirty years of healthcare delivery through her critical care nursing, teaching at Kaplan University and quality assurance experience. Carmen has a strong focus in customer satisfaction and advocacy as well as ensuring quality of products and services.


Quality assurance is a way of preventing mistakes and defects in manufactured products and avoiding problems when delivering solutions or services to customers.  Prevention will get to “it” before “it” gets to you.  Being proactive and not reactive is a key to quality assurance and HCI has the person in place to deliver HCI’s organizational goals!


Mrs. Hayford-Mitchell will play a crucial role in HCI’s business by ensuring that products meet certain thresholds of acceptability for internal and external customers. She will plan, direct and coordinate quality assurance programs and formulate quality control policies. She will also work to forecast the organizational efficiency and profitability of HCI.