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2PATH™ and Its 2ND Order Effect Dual Pathway Via CBD White Paper

2PATH™ and Its 2ND Order Effect

Dual Pathway Via CBD

White Paper

The formulation of HCI’s product 2PATH™ and route of administration:

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil with equal part CBD-A & CBD (2PATH™) was grown by the principal investigator, a retired Orthopaedic Surgeon in the organic fields of Maine. Hemp was processed into a tincture with the original main purpose addressing the bone stimulation problem to combat a major public health problem—OSTEOPOROSIS. The principal investigator’s sojourn in bone stimulation goes back to 1975 as a post-doctoral Orthopaedic Fellow at the Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania. Fast forward, transforming from Orthopaedic Surgeon to farmer under the 2014 Farm Bill, he named and submitted trademark application for the first Vitamin of the Endocannabinoid System, VitaminCBD™, December 20, 2018, the day the Farm Bill was passed making Hemp a legal crop for the first time in 49 years.

This new formulation of 2PATH™ is a one-step, four-stage process, resulting in retail formulated products for the purpose of neuropathy and PTSD relief. 2PATH™ is a second order effect from our recent CBD use which is often overlooked. Testing by third-party labs of biomass for pesticides and heavy metals were carried out (all negative) and are available upon request. In State compliance testing of THC level results were compliant. The State of Maine then granted permission to harvest the crop.

No ETOH, Butane, or CO2 type extraction solvents are used in this cold-press formulation. Ultrasonication is controlled by a microprocessor that uses ultrasonic waves up to 40kHz. The ultrasonic wave creates microscopic bubbles that travel through the fluid, generating an impact wave known as “cavitation”. Cavitation will affect the plant mass it hits and opens the plants cells and cleans out intracellular content by rupturing the plant cell surface. Ultrasonic cavitation is the distillation process in Organic Hemp Seed Oil serves, in this case, as the receptive solvent, which with simple filtration is ready for retail formulation. The route (WAYS) of administration of this cannabinoid preparation (2PATH™) is via sublingual and transdermal routes.

HCI ability to scale:

Hemp Commodity Industries, LLC (HCI) has the ability to supply and manufacture the third-party tested cannabinoid compound produced (2PATH™) under GMP conditions. Every 10 pounds of biomass will result in about 5 gallons of 2PATH™. With 10,000 lbs. of biomass in possession, this give us a production goal of 640,000 one-ounce bottles and/or salve patches with equal parts CBD-A and CBD.

DEA regulation and if they apply:

HCI’s test supplement (2PATH™) does not require FDA classification. Keeping all parameters within the 2018 Farm Bill, THC less than .3% by weight, the FDA and IND applications may not be applicable ???? Lori and Will.

Scientific validation:

The two pathways used in this formulation, use known and different pathways to counter inflammation and anxiety. Both pathways are being activated by way of the Cannabinoid Pathway to two different MEANS to one END, a patient with relief of neurogenic pain and PTSD.

The first pathway operates as an acid form from the precursor CBG-A. CBD-A has been somewhat overlooked with our rush to get to CBD. CBD-A is normally found in the raw cannabis plant in low concentrations. CBD-A is considered unstable and with time and heat will convert to CBD. But, before we go there, let’s look back at step-one, CBD-A. CBD-A is a powerful Cox2 inhibitor with exponential power over serotonin receptors compared to CBD with many health benefits toward neuropathies and PTSD symptoms.

The second pathway is a neutrally charged Cannabinoid known as CBD. CBD has given effects on the CB1 and CB2 receptor model. These receptors are part of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) which was discovered by Dr. Rafael Mechoulam back in 1992. The foundation for this medical push towards CBD is rooted in a USPO in patent 6630507. In 1999, a patent application by four researchers from NIHD on the neuroprotective and the anti-inflammatory effects of Cannabis sativa L was submitted by this group. The patent was granted four years later in 2003. Via 30 years of push and pull, the Farm Bill of 2018 released Cannabis sativa L out of jail when the THC weight by % would not be above .3% by weight.

Both of these pathways joined together are the MEANS with tinctures and patches the WAYS to 2PATH™ ‘s therapeutic END.

Eric I Mitchell MD FACPE

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