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Cannabis Sativa: The Truth Be Told

Good Research = Good Outcomes

Telling the truth is easy, only if you know what you just said is true. What you know is easy, what you do not know, you do not know and might call for something called conjecture. Conjecture! What is conjecture? Conjecture is an opinion or conclusion formed on the basis of incomplete information.

The world of science has many conjectures which are used to formulate a strategy, a formula and/or treatment course for a medical disorder.

Case in point: When I went to medical school, the cause of the duodenal ulcers was conjected to be the hypersecretion of hydrochloric acid. It took fifty years and a young Australian doctor to drink swamp water before he could get the powers that be to consider a new idea of a new mechanism for ulcer formation. By the way, that young man won the Nobel Prize for Medicine for clearing up that conjecture.

Around that same time, in my early days of medical school, a conjecture was made by a non-scientific body that Cannabis sativa was a gateway drug, addictive and had no medical purpose and should be scheduled as a dangerous drug consistent with cocaine and heroin. Subsequently, this plant-based medicine was labeled a Schedule 1drug and American’s number one enemy.

What happened to the science of Cannabis sativa over the next forty-seven years is not conjecture but fact. Unfortunately, conjecture dominated the scientific method for twenty-one years until the Endocannabinoid system was discovered in 1992 in Israel by Raphael Mechoulam, Ph.D. Since that time, research around the world went about the scientific method of validating this discovery.

Meanwhile, back in the United States of America, the banned, blockage and moratorium on cannabis research was now twenty-two years into conjecture and supported with a failure of good research in the United States. Worse than that, multiple generations of medical doctors were not taught nor tested on the science of Cannabis sativa.

Another twenty-five years would now pass with other countries around the world now studying the benefits of this plant without an educational and scientific platform in America to validate these international studies because this plant was Schedule 1 with no medical use codified by American research.

Hemp Commodity Industries, LLC (HCI) has a strategic objective in doing good research to improve the outcomes of forty-seven years of neglect hampered by political tradecraft to a new commitment of a higher order to patient-centric outcomes. HCI will be required to overhaul and dispel the negative twists which were conspired to mislead the public and its healthcare providers.

HCI will have two primary objectives: First, to do good research; secondly, to deliver good patient-centric directed outcomes. HCI will assemble the best-of-the-best researchers to accelerate the validation of studies done around the world during this time hiatus created by political overreach dating back to 1937 forward.
The solution for HCI is to determine the baseline studies that need to be done for patient safety. It is imperative that we understand the absorption, the rate of metabolism and the elimination of this Cannabis sativa medicine; as it is done for every other medicine before it is released to the public. In this case of Cannabis sativa, the inverse relationship for patient safety was obstructed by the judicial overreach outlined.

Studies from around the world show great innovation and promise for Cannabis sativa to be a 21st Century enlightenment if we give it good research and validate many of the results which already populate global research on this age-old plant.

The call for validation studies will lead to new opportunities once the safety questions are answered. Only then can HCI’s next objective be met whereby we can learn how to maximize the cannabinoids and their interaction with different terpenes with different disease models. The best is yet to come!

Eric I. Mitchell, MD MA FACPE CPE

Chief Executive Officer

Hemp Commodity Industries, LLC

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