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Fight Anxiety for Better Mental, Immune and Physical Health

Fight Anxiety for Better Mental, Immune and Physical Health

VitaminCBD™ can be effective in fighting anxiety and the effects it can have on our health. Although the media coverage on the Coronavirus has been necessary, responsible, and very informative, it has, in turn, triggered our fears and made for some very stressful times. Prolonged anxiety can lead to depression.

Our VitaminCBD 2Path™ extract may be of great benefit to most who choose to take it. However, one must be aware that the bulk of CBD tinctures in the marketplace are not formulated toward anxiety but are an added second order effect of CBD on the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). What we did not know until recently was that the CBD precursor CBD-A is 10 to 100 times more directed toward activation of serotonin receptors. What is serotonin? Serotonin is an important chemical and neurotransmitter in the human body. It is believed to help regulate mood and social behavior, appetite and digestion, sleep, memory, and sexual desire and function. VitaminCBD 2Path™ was formulated with anxiety in mind, and no pun intended. I took my warning about CBD-A from the Father of Cannabis Dr. Rafael Mechoulam. There are very specific criteria to consider in order to determine a superior whole plant cannabis tincture with CBD-A as the main component to help fight anxiety. But, to start, you should almost always identify the best CBD products by a Certificate of Analysis (CoA).

How does anxiety affect our bodies: Anxiety can lead to depression and there are multiple factors that can affect our health. Depression affects more than 168 million people worldwide and is one of the major causes of disease burden, accounting for the fifth highest global years lived with disability; this rate rises to the third highest in high income countries given the higher rate of prevalence.

The physical symptoms of Anxiety: Prolonged anxiety can lead to depression. Depression is also one of the key factors for impaired quality of life in patients affected by chronic diseases. There are a few recognizable symptoms of anxiety that may be experienced. It is quite common for people with anxiety to experience frequent headaches. Many people experience nausea with a lot of anxiety. In the midst of an anxiety attack, frequent elevation of the heart rate is experienced which can include chest pain and shortness of breath. Studies have also found that many people who suffer from anxiety have a weakened immune system.

Much attention has been paid to the potential role of the immune system in the pathophysiology of major depression in humans. While activation of innate immune responses currently dominates the research landscape, early studies in depressed patients demonstrate impairment in acquired immune responses, in particular T cell responses. Both T cells and B cells are produced in the bone marrow. The T cells migrate to the thymus for maturation. The main difference between T cells and B cells is that T cells can only recognize viral antigens outside the infected cells whereas B cells can recognize the surface antigens of bacteria and viruses.

Feeling sad or anxious at times is a normal part of life, but if these feelings last more than two weeks they could be symptoms of depression and can lead to decreased T and B cell production. It is estimated that each year 17 million American adults will experience depression. However, clinical depression, especially left untreated, can interrupt your day-to-day life and cause a ripple effect of additional symptoms.

We have come full circle in understanding that the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is a homeostatic regulatory mechanism for our immune system. In this complex world of COVID-19, we need more than our once-a-day vitamin. VitaminCBD 2Path™ has been formulated with world’s anxiety in mind.

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Eric I. Mitchell, MD MA FACPE CPE

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